Renowned professor Dermitzakis against general Covid-19 lockdown in Attica

The Professor of Genetics at the Medical School of the University of Geneva said a fresh approach was needed

Manolis Dermitzakis, Professor of Genetics at the Medical School of the University of Geneva, expressed his opposition to the prospect of a general lockdown to prevent the Covid-19 spread in Attica in an interview to Thema radio 1045.6 on Thursday.

As he pointed out “a lockdown will be effective in reducing cases. But it will fail in terms of its impact on the economy and will give us the illusion of victory while it will be a defeat.”

“As a society we can beat the coronavirus but we will choose the easy solution” added Mr. Dermitzakis about the possible lockdown.

Manolis Dermitzakis, Professor of Genetics, at TedEx presentation 

According to him, “we need measures of long-term application” such as for example “to maximise telework or for 1-2 months wear a mask everywhere. Even in restaurants between meals. To instill health principles in our culture”.

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“We need a long-term strategy of months. I do not know if Greece is doing it “added Mr. Dermitzakis, noting that” maybe now we need other specialties. Maybe the committee needs restructuring with specialists who deal with issues beyond the clinics.”

“A restart, a refresher in strategy will give citizens the impetus to try again. If we opt for the easy solution, the lockdown, we abandon them, we have no other solution, how will we find a solution in December?”, he wondered when the cases of the seasonal flu will naturally rise.

Commenting on the course of the coronavirus in Greece, he noted that “what worries me is the number of intubations and deaths. If we look at the numbers we (s.s. in Greece) have reached a point where we have more intubated patients and dead than similar-sized countries. I do not know if this is due to the distribution or we were blindsided somewhere.”