Greek counter-terrorism unit arrests three suspects in major operation

The suspects are considered to have links to the far-left Popular Fighters Group (OLA

The Greek counter-terrorism unit arrested three people following a major operation that started yesterday afternoon.

The police operation, which is still in progress in areas of Athens, resulted in the apprehension of two men aged 38 and 42 years and a woman 36 years, after agents raided an apartment-warehouse on Anastasiou Zini Street in Koukaki, where they found and confiscated C4 explosives, Kalashnikov bullets, bobbins, while two pistols were also found in the house of one detainee.

Counter-terrorism officers consider the case very serious and are looking for possible links with the far-left Popular Fighters Group (OLA).

The searches were carried out in four houses in Attica with the three suspects detected and arrested in three of the apartments, while the weapons and explosives were stashed in the fourth house.

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One of those arrested is a close associate of Vassilis Paleokostas in the kidnapping of businessman Mylonas.

According to informants, another has been accused of robbery.

The Popular Fighters Group is the organisation that has planted high-powered bombs in the Athens Court of Appeals and in Santaroza in the centre of Athens.