Students sit in protests against use of Covid-19 masks – March in Athens

The march is scheduled for 10 am

About 200 schools across Greece remain closed as students are staging sit in protests against the mandatory use of Covid-19 masks.

The students have added a number of other demands on their list, including an increase in funding for education, as well as hiring more educators.

For today, Thursday, the student coordinating committee has announced a march for 10 in the morning in the centre of Athens with demands regarding the non-use of a mask but also the recruitment of teachers, and adequate cleaning staff.

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The Parents’ Confederation will also attend the march pointing out in its announcement that “The demands of the students are the demands with which parents and teachers have mobilised since the beginning of the pandemic and today remain unresolved.”

The government is considering taking more active measures against the student protests, in addition to the persuasion and the constant appeal to the squatters, as the government spokesman Stelios Petsas announced. “It is a matter that deeply concerns us. We will see what further measures we can be taken, in addition to the persuasion and our constant appeals against students adopting such actions which are problems in the school year, but also in terms of the health of the people who are protesting. And this is because we should all apply the measures for coronavirus without exceptions “.