Riots break out in Lesvos with refugees and migrants

Riots lasted until the morning

Riots broke out last night at the Lesvos refugee-immigration reception and identification centre in Moria. According to police sources, the incident started at midnight and lasted until the morning. The UNHCR premises for refugees sustained damage, as did an area that belonged to an NGO. A public prosecutor accompanied by a strong police force intervened to defuse the situation.
Meanwhile, according to a report on state broadcaster ERT, a serious incident took place between a local and some refugees in the village of Chalkio on the island of Chios, when the refugees tried to steal some produce from his greenhouse who is located 200 metres away from the refugee camp of VIAL. The owner of the greenhouse and his son tried to stop the refugees from stealing from the greenhouse when an altercation broke out. The row drew more refugees to the farm, but police arrived on the scene preventing any further escalation.
10 refugees and the two residents have been taken into custody and are being questioned for their involvement in the incident.
Meanwhile, the municipality of Lesvos decided to go on a general strike, protesting against the appalling conditions on the island due to the refugee crisis. The local council demands measures be taken to alleviate the island from the excessive refugees and immigrants.