Russian Foreign Min: Turkish violations of Greek airspace indicates ‘neo-Ottoman’ policies

Turkish behaviour will end bad, Lavrov warns

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused Turkey of planning to expand its territories and infulence, during an interview on Russia Today network. Lavrov noted that Turkey’s foreign policies had revealed ‘neo-Ottoman tendencies’, adding that this did not only concern Syria. The Foreign Minister claimed Turkey was behind talks of ‘safe zones’ and a ‘Plan B’ in northern Syria, a stance that illustrated ‘expansionist ambitions’. To justify his claims Lavrov cited Turkey’s constant violation of Greek airspace, which reached 1,800, while NATO remained silent over the matter. Turkey had maintained a military presence in Iraq, despite the expressed opposition by the legitimate Iraqi government, added Lavrov. ‘It is clearly an expansionist behaviour, which cannot end well’, said Lavrov.