Sabby Mionis’s lawyer claims there is more incriminating evidence against SYRIZA Ministers

Sources say there are at least 9 more audio files

New information is emerging on the revelations that came to light on Monday regarding the recorded dialogue between ex-Minister of State under the SYRIZA government Nikos Pappas (a close aide of SYRIZA leaders and ex-PM Alexis Tsipras) and businessman Sabby Mionis in relation to alleged kickbacks received by ex-Justice Minister Dimitris Papangelopoulos from defendants whose cases he was handling.

Petros Pantazis, Mionis’s lawyer claimed on Alpha TV on Wednesday that his client had more incriminating evidence against Nikos Minister Pappas, which he intended to hand over to the relevant Parliamentary committee probing the matter.

The bombshell audio excerpt had come initially come to light on Monday where an audio excerpt between ex-Minister of State Nikos Nikos Pappas (a close aide of SYRIZA leader and former PM Alexis Tsirpas) with businessman Sabby Mionis revealed that the former was aware of SYRIZA Justice Minister Dimitris Papangelopoulos’s illicit activities.

Petros Pantazis, did not specify whether the evidence he referred to was another recorded discussion. He added, however, that his client would submit the information in due course.

The businessman is reported to have nine more audio files in his possession.

Responding to the allegations by Nikos Pappas that the audio file had been doctored, Sabby Mioni’s lawyer said, “anyone can take the material for analysis” and added that “no doctoring had taken place”.

He stressed that when Nikos Pappas is heard on the phone referring to some people who make money, he was talking about Dimitris Papangelopoulos.

The shocking audio files showed top SYRIZA-ANEL government ministers talking about “shops”, “outsourcing” assignments with “huge sums of money” but also colluding with members of extortionist circuits.