Sara Sampaio: Bodies can look like this, and this… (video)

In a body positivity message on TikTok

Sara Sampaio, apart from being a beautiful girl, is also very aware of the pressures and anxieties caused to one’s image in relation to social media exposure.

Wanting to show that she takes her role seriously as a role model (girls all over the world look up to her) she tried to promote body positivity through a video on Tik Tok to show how images on social media often distort the real body. In the video, she compared poses on social media that can ‘hide’ imperfections as opposed to relaxing and natural postures that look less ‘social media friendly’.

The message she wanted to convey is that all people should love their bodies and not criticise someone if they gain or lose weight.

A little Friday PSA for all of you. Be kind to people and yourself and please stop commenting on people’s changing bodies. Love sara”, she wrote.



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