Saudi Arabia-Kammenos file goes to Greek Parliament for investigation

Defence Minister Kammenos appears to be facing charges of fraud

The file regarding the handling by the Ministry of National Defense and Minister Panos Kammenos of the sale of military hardware to Saudi Arabia (300,000 105 mm projectiles) from the Greek military stockpile has been taken to the Greek parliament. The issue had been brought to the public eye by “Proto Thema” last November with the publishing of a series of pieces.
The case has reportedly been transmitted by the Corruption Prosecutor’s Office to the House under the Law on Responsibility of Ministers in order for the Parliament to investigate the possibility of the Defence Minister committing the offense of infidelity. During the investigation, prosecutors “stumbled” across the name of Minister Kammenos and were compelled to hand the file to House.

In the framework of the investigation conducted by the Corruption Prosecution Office, the alleged mediator Vasilis Papadopoulos was summoned, who never appeared before the prosecution authorities.
The case had been placed under judicial scrutiny upon at the request by Panos Kammenos of the Corruption Prosecution Office.

The National Defence Ministry began negotiations with Riyadh for the procurement of missiles used by Saudi tanks.
The talks concerned the sale of 300,000 105mm missiles to Saudi Arabia from the Greek Army’s stockpile at an estimated value of EUR 66 million. The material would be used by the Saudi government for the ongoing military operations in Yemen, resulting in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians.
Vasilis Papadopoulos claimed that he had been authorised by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to handle the transaction, while Mr Panos Kammenos said he (Papadopoulos) was not “an intermediary” but the representative of Saudi Arabia.
In addition to buying tank projectiles for tanks, the bilateral agreement included a provision for a possible sale to Riyadh of MK-82 and MK-83 air bombs, as the Saudi Arabian spokesman had set this as a precondition for completing the deal.