Serifos beach to become first smoke-free zone in Greece

The action will start for this summer

On occasion of World Day against Smoking on May 31, the Municipality of Serifos, announced that the Vagia beach would be the first smoke-free beach of the Cyclades and the whole of Greece in summer.
The action took place under the SeaChange Greek Islands environmental program, designed and implemented by the Foundation on ten islands of the Cyclades.

Coastal cleaning carried out on the islands that have been part of the program over the last two years have highlighted cigarette butt liter as the most common problem and the highly aggravated situation in Serifos.
In an effort to address the environmental problem, and under the auspices of the Municipality of Serifos, the Athanasios Public Benefit Foundation Laskarides is kicking off the pilot action starting with Vagia.
Following similar initiatives implemented in France and Spain, the action aims to eliminate coastal smoking and the prevention of marine pollution.

At the beach of Vagia, which is a protected area within the Natura network, a controlled smoking zone will be set up, which will include ashtrays with environmental messages, as well as information signs in a similar vein.
By participating in the “smoke-free” action, local craftsmen and businesspeople will undertake the creation of the controlled smoking zone, as part of the program to strengthen the local economy and empower its inhabitants.
The finalisation of the technical specifications will take place at the meeting of the project team with Serifos Mayor Antonis Antonakis and with professionals on the island on Monday 3 June.