Shocking: Singer dies on stage after fireworks explosion (warning: distressing footage)

A pyrotechnics cartridge exploded and hit the 30-year-old in the stomach

A young pop star has died in front of shocked fans after a pyrotechnic device exploded mid-performance.

Spanish singer Joana Sainz — a member of the Super Hollywood Orchestra group — was performing on stage at Las Berlanas, a small town northwest of capital city Madrid when the incident occurred.

During the show, which had been organised as part of a local festival, a pyrotechnics cartridge exploded and hit the 30-year-old in the stomach.

The stunt was supposed to be part of the performance’s special effects, but instead, horrified onlookers who happened to be recording the show captured footage of the fatally injured woman falling to the ground.

Officials lowered the curtains, and medical professionals who happened to be in attendance rushed to provide aid, according to local news publication El Norte de Castilla.

The accident occurred shortly before 2am on Sunday, and emergency services also rushed to the scene and took an unconscious Ms Sainz to hospital, but she died shortly afterwards.

The tragedy was witnessed by around 1000 spectators in the audience who reported hearing a loud bang as the stunt backfired, according to local media.

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