Shocking video shows would be robber dying in a street in Athens (warning: distressing video)

The man was kicked in the head by passersby as he was already injured by glass shards

The shocking moments a failed attempt by a man to rob a store ends in his tragic death are captured on video obtained and published by

In the footage, the knife-wielding man can be seen invading a jewelry store on Gladstonos street in downtown Athens, in broad daylight when he gets entrapped in the shop. In his effort to escape, he grabs a
fire extinguisher but fails to get out.

He then manages to break a small glass window pane in the store-window and tries to “exit” through the shards into the street. Two men can be seen kicking him in the head and stomping his as he tries to crawl into the sidewalk. Lying on the pavement and bleeding from the glass shards, passersby join in the attack, before others stop the attack. He dies a few minutes later.