Strategic Dialogue with US acknowledges Greece’s important geopolitical role, Greek Deputy FM

The Strategic Dialogue is significant because it covers a wider range of topics as compared to other initiatives between governments

The first Greece-US Strategic Dialogue acknowledged in practice Greece’s role as a leading geopolitical player in the Eastern Mediterranean and Balkan region, Deputy Foreign Minister George Katrougalos told Greek reporters on Saturday, after the end of his meetings in Washington.

The Strategic Dialogue is significant, Katrougalos said, because it covers a wider range of topics as compared to other initiatives between governments. This is why it was, for example, possible to approach matters related to energy and the economy also from a geopolitical dimension.

“We emphasized the need for EastMed to exist not only as an economic project but also as a project that boosts the region’s stability from the point of view of energy and in general”, he said and added that Greece’s new economic situation coincides with the fact that the region is acquiring an increased geopolitical importance, particularly for the United States.

Furthermore, while talking about matters of peripheral interest, the Alternate Foreign Minister said, it was possible to discuss the Cypriot issue and the Prespes Agreement.

About the latter, he said that it was “ an important effort for bringing stability in the Balkan region” and referred to recent statements by FYROM politicians, which “ are not conducive to establishing the letter and the spirit of the Agreement in the two countries.”

Katrougalos’ meeting at the White House with the National Security Advisor of the United States John Bolton concluded his schedule in Washington. According to diplomatic sources, this last meeting was “ very substantial” and ran over the time it was originally allotted.

Source: thegreekobserver