Syrian man hijacks a truck & ploughs into cars in Germany, injuring nine people shouting “Allah”

Police probe “terror attack”

A stolen truck ploughed into nine cars and left seven people injured in hospital in a suspected terror attack in Germany on Monday evening.

The white Mercedes lorry slammed into cars waiting at a traffic light opposite the main railway station in Limburg and crushed them together.

Today it was revealed the suspect is a 32-year-old Syrian man who shouted ‘Allah’ as he was arrested, according to local media.

Some 60 riot police officers stormed into an apartment that is believed to belong to the man at 1am today.

They used plastic explosives to break down the door and a beagle searched the flat.

Results from the raid have not yet been released.

It is believed the man was previously known to police for dangerous bodily harm, drug possession, groping a 16-year-old girl and shoplifting but not extremism, according to Bild.

And the federal prosecutor’s office, which handles terror cases in Germany, said it doesn’t currently consider the investigation to be its responsibility.

Police said today that it is too soon to speculate about a motive for the incident, which began when the man dragged the original driver from the truck at 5.20pm yesterday.

But sources have told local news site, Bild, that it is being treated as a terrorist incident and witnesses claim they heard the driver shouting ‘Allah’ as he was arrested.

Other witnesses said he looked as though he was high on drugs during the attack.

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