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SYRIZA issues statement against Islamophobia and homophobia

Left party condemns Orlando terrorist attack

Greek left party and major partner in the Greek coalition government, SYRIZA issued a statement condemning the brutal terrorist attack in Orlando, US, that resulted in the murder of 49 innocent people. The announcement stressed that the attack against the gay night club ‘Pulse’ is an incident that should mobilise all the democratic and progressive forces of the world. The statement continues by underlining that the heinous crime highlights the fact that the battle against homophobia, the protection of human rights and democracy should be constant and unwavering at a time when far right and fundamentalist forces are trying to spread hate against diversity. The statement also calls on all citizens to heed Islamophobic and racist hate speech.

  • dennis

    tsipras trying to stop people talking about his voters i see. How about stopping hate speech against greeks for a change