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The dark side of Mykonos

Drug dealers, muggings and bloody fights

The cosmopolitan island of Mykonos is associated with sun, sea and celebrities. The chances of you bumping into an international film star, director, famous athlete or any type of celebrity are very high. But behind all the glamour and the A-list celebrities literally rubbing shoulders in the narrow streets, there is a darker side to the island. A series of crime incidents that recently saw the light illustrate why the Greek glam island has earned the name ‘the Arab emirate’ of drugs. Stabbings, mugging of wealthy Arabs in the streets at night, fights with slashed necks, beatings of drunken tourists are some of the reported crimes. Meanwhile, the cocaine dealers have docked at Mykonos to procure their rich clientele with the necessary stash in the glam parties taking place in private villas with call girls galore catering to the rich Arabs, Turks, Russians and Lebanese visitors. Not long the 22-year old son of a local businessman was out with a Spanish friend, and after a few drinks and some words that led to an altercation the Greek slashed then throat of his ‘friend’ whip barely escaped death after being transferred to Athens. The 22-year-old Greek boy was set free with a 3,000 bail. As locals say, this is merely one of many similar instances. In another case, an Arab was mugged in the middle of the street and left their bleeding before someone informed the ambulance and he was taken to hospital. Two of the most talked about crimes involve two rich Arabs who fell pray to gangs that stole their expensive wrist watches. Another incident that was the talk of town happened at the club ‘Guzel’, when a fight broke out between the bodyguards of two groups of wealthy Arabs that resulted in the club being completely trashed.