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The first bicycle-friendly hotel in Athens

It provides all a cyclist needs!

The first hotel in Athens certified with the “Bike Friendly Hotel” sign is “Fresh Hotel”.
A hotel that wants to be certified as such must fulfill the following 6 specific criteria:

1. It must supply in written or electronic form of a free of charge map of the area with the suggested bicycle-friendly routs.
2. A protected area for the parking of the bicycles or a 24-hour reception service or a collaboration with a parking/cleaning bicycle facility.
3. Available free tool kits for bicycle maintenance.
4. Same day washer-dryer service.
5. A collaboration with a bicycle rental and maintenance company or a relevant municipality service or a ‘Bike Sharing’ system.
6. Availability for even one booking per cyclist in case they travel with their own bicycle.

The Hotel of the Ifadis Business Group, apart from the 6 basic criteria, it also fulfills 9 of the 11 optional criteria that the “Bike Friendly Hotel” offers. These are:

1. Inside the hotel bicycle rental service.
2. Collaboration with bicycle expedition company with a guide
3. Special rack parking spots for bicycle within the hotel area.
4. Battery charging spots for electric bicycles with a common plug.
5. Minivan rental service for bicycle transportation.
6. Lunch-box service with fruits, toast, energy drinks and gels.
7. Healthy breakfast option with organic biological foods.
8. Gym.
9. At least one service like sauna, hamam, jacuzzi, massage, thalassotherapy pool.
10. Bicycling services and routs mentioned on the hotel’s web page.
11. Ecological practices and policies or “Green Key” label.

According to Mrs. Irene Agiannidi, sales manager of the hotel, “the target is to encourage our customers to rent a bicycle and tour Athens, a city that needs ‘clean’ transportations”.
The “Fresh Hotel”, in the city center, has 133 rooms, the Air Lounge Roof Bar with Greek and Mediterranean recipes with an astonishing view of the Acropolis, a fully equipped gym, sauna and a pool on the 9th floor.