The German authorities have issued a 100.000€ bounty for the suspected Tunisian terrorist

Ongoing manhunt for the assailant

The 24 year old Tunisian Anis Amri is according to the German police the responsible for the Berlin massacre. He was arrested in November for recruiting volunteers for Syria to fight for the Islamic State. The German authorities have issued a European warrant for his arrest and they have a bounty of 100.000 Euros for any information about him.


Anis Amri’s height 1,78 meters, he is 75 kilos with brown eyes and black hair. He is probably armed.

The German police have questioned the suspected assailant’s family.


According to the police Amri’s documents were found behind the seat of the truck. However, it seems that he had a number of different identities that he used to cover his tracks. The latest information indicate that he had asked for asylum last July which was rejected due to suspicions of possible connections with known extremists in Germany.


It is still not clear which path Amri used to enter Europe, although the German authorities have proofs that he was in Germany since 2015. it is believed that he was in Italy in 2012.