The Telegraph recommends the Cyclades and Crete for your autumn sun holidays

The article presents autumn sun holiday ideas and deals, for those who missed out on a fix of sunshine this summer.

An article published by the Telegraph presents autumn sun holiday ideas and deals, for those who missed out on a fix of sunshine this summer.

According to columnist Nick Trend, a travel expert who offers advice on a range of issues, “it certainly isn’t too late to book a week on a warm Mediterranean beach before the autumn chill sets in.”

However, there is an art to timing your trip so that you maximize your chances of decent weather, the columnist underlines. Summer tends to break at different times in different parts of Europe, so the later you are planning to travel, the further south or south east you should head.

The article presents a guide to the next couple of months, picking out the destinations which are still likely to be at their best. These destinations include the Cyclades islands and Crete, which are ideal for an autumn sun vacation in early September and late September respectively.

Early September: The Cyclades

In the first weeks of September, hot weather is the norm in virtually all southern Europe and prices remain relatively high. “This clutch of Greek islands between the mainland and Crete offers tremendous variety – from the hedonistic clubbing and restaurant scene of Mykonos, to the spectacular views of Santorini, and quieter Naxos and Paros,” the columnist notes.




Late September: Crete

The last two weeks in September usually offer decent weather all around the Med, but it may start to get a little chilly. It’s a great time for a sightseeing or foodie holiday however, and Crete is ideal for this type of vacation. “For real heat, Crete is an excellent bet at this time of year. It’s one of the most southerly of the Mediterranean islands, and generally stays hot and dry right into October. Most operators still have plenty of availability on flights and accommodation,” the article explains.


The list of recommended destinations for autumn holidays also includes Majorca, Sardinia, Tuscany, Provence, the Turkish coast, Algarve, Sicily, Telerife and Marrakesh.