The very first Gourmet corner at the Attica City Link (photos)

The perfect choice for those demanding high-quality culinary products

Visiting the Attica in the City Link of the Centre, we were delighted to find that a gourmet corner with high-end gastronomic products had been set up on the 5th floor of the department store!

Attica partnered with Greek Luxury Products and with renowned architect Tassos Zeppos from Zege Architects created a unique space that hosts the finest gourmet products from Greece and around the world.

The Greek products we came across included foods from the GLP collection, such as the rare Menalou Vanilla Honey, oil-dipped wild artichoke hearts, a Greek product unique the world over, Greek white and black truffles, whole strawberries from Pavliani and much more.

The store could not be missing the best international delicacies in the field of gourmet food, such as the world’s best caviar house Petrossian Paris, from the Petrosian brothers, and the finest Alaska crab in the world.

Products from the French house Maison Boissier collection, a house counting over 100 years of history which is famous for the most beautiful Marron Glacier and the renowned chocolate petals with flowers and fruits, were also present. Extrem Jamon, one of the best jamon pata negra companies in the world from Extremadura, Spain, also deserves a mention.

Here you will find the famous Italian chocolates La Molina, London’s Choc on Choc products, as well as our own Greek company Olympic Terra Superfoods, with its special products offering an alternative gift choice.

Attica City Link, 9 Panepistimiou St., Athens, tel. 211 1802600. Open: Monday to Friday: 10am – 9pm, Saturday: 10am – 8pm