Thessaloniki covered in snow, as “Sophia” continues to affect Greece (photos)

Many areas in the city experience snow

Thessaloniki is covered in snow, as the low barometric pressure “Sophia” continues to pass through Greece bringing low temperatures and storms.

A thick layer of snow has covered the areas of Panorama, Hortiatis, Asvestohori, as well as the regions of Lagadas and Oreokastro.

Light snow also started to fall in the centre of the city with parked cars covered with snow, while eastern and western suburbs of Thessaloniki are also experiencing snowfall.
Because of the frost, the Nea Messimvria – Xirochori District Provincial road is closed, while the road of Agios Vasilios – Chortiatis is also shut down on Friday.

Meanwhile, the low temperatures, stormy winds in the seas and dense snowfall in even low altitude areas are the main features of the bad weather that are expected to continue today.

Problems have been reported in the power-grid network in Pilion, Larissa and Volos in central and eastern Greece ddue to the weather conditions.