Time: Crete among top 10 economical destination for Americans in Europe

Affordable rooms and great culture

Crete is considered one of the top “value for money” destinations in Europe for American travelers, according to Time magazine’s economic publication “Money”. The publication claims the combination of a strong dollar against the Euro and a substantial fall in airfares favours transatlantic getaways for Americans holidaymakers. The top destinations provide high quality restaurants, site seeing, hassle-free public transport, low crime rates and relatively affordable hotel prices. The magazine presents Crete as a location with world renowned archaeological sites like the famed Palace of Knossos, as well as unique culture, beautiful beaches and exceptional tavernas. The cost for a trip of couple for a week is estimated at 3,697 dollars. Air fares for Crete have dropped by 9% since last year, according to Hopper, while hotel rooms are cheaper than last year, as Hotels.com records.