Top SYRIZA MPs in line outside Greek Parliament’s … ATM!

Parliament’s two cash machines run out on Saturday, needed resupply of … euros

Some leftist SYRIZA deputies were inside the Parliament plenary session during debate on Saturday over a snap referendum called by PM Alexis Tsipras hours earlier, yet at least another two or more were … outside, standing in line at an ATM waiting to withdraw cash!

The photographs show a line of people in front of an ATM inside the Parliament building, amongst them Alternate Culture Minister Nikos Xydakis, a former newspaper editor at the pro-market, pro-EU Kathimerini daily.

Another high-profile “man in the queue” was SYRIZA Parliamentary rapporteur Nikos Filis, who served as the managing director of the small circulation, party-affiliated newspaper Avgi until elected to Parliament in January.

Other top SYRIZA MPs that queued up outside the ATM but were unable to get cash — the machine was resupplied with … euros hours later — included Labor Minister Panos Skourletis and very vocal “drachma proponent” Costas Lapavitsas — a Marxist-friendly tenured professor at a UK university when he’s not advocating Greece’s exit from the eurozone.