Tourists love Greek hotels, survey shows

Greek hotels rate top in general satisfaction index

Greek hotels hold top spot in the general satisfaction index among tourists, according to data by ReviewPro guest intelligence. The findings of ReviewPro, a company dedicated to collecting information about the hospitality industry, showed that 85.4% of guests voted for Greek hotels, with Cyprus coming in second with an 83.3% approval rate. Greek hotels came in third in the quality-cost ratio index with 84%, edged out by Turkey (85.2%) and Cyprus (84.3%). In the service index rating Greece again came out on top with the impressive 88.1%, while in the food category it came in second with 84.1%, trailing to Cyprus (86.7%) and Italy coming in third with 83.5%. The data is based on information and intelligence collected from 1,126 hotels across Greece from varying categories, from a total of 2,504 hotels from countries like France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus and Turkey. Greece has a comparatively positive showing in lower class hotels and a lower performance in high-class hotels.