Trump: If we attack Syria we would be in war with Russia

We must eradicate ISIS, he says

US President elect Donald Trump said that his administration’s top priority in Syria would be to defeat the Islamic State (IS) in an interview to newspaper Wall Street Journal. In a complete reversal to the Obama government’s foreign policy goal of overthrowing Bashar al Assad and supporting “moderate” islamic opposition groups in reaching this end, Trump reiterated his election campaign policy of going after the jihadist groups in Syria, who were fighting against Assad, stressing that if the US attacked the Assad ref=gime that would put them in direct military conflict with Russia. “My position os that Syria is fighting against the Islamic State and we must get rid of IS. Russia is currently in alliance with Syria, and now we have Iran that is strengthening , because if us, in an alliance with Syria”, he underlined. He continued by claiming the US was backing rebels in the conflict without having a clue who they were.