Tsipras: “No home will end up in the hands of banks and that’s final”

AEK supporter interrupts Mr. Tsipras speech in Rhodes with slogans for the stadium in New Philadelphia

Main opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) leader Alexis Tsipras expressed his certainty about Europe changing its way of thinking towards Greece and that Greek partners are ready to negotiate the country’s debt while on a visit to the Aegean island of Rhodes on Thursday.

He launched a new attack against conservative New Democracy (ND) Prime Minister Antonis Samaras by stating that “the accident of Mr. Samaras being re-elected will not happen in Greece, so he cannot copy his friend, the Spanish Prime Minister (Mariano Rajoy), by throwing thousands of bankrupt borrowers onto the streets, out of their homes.”

Among other things, Mr. Tsipras stressed that with SYRIZA in government no primary home will end up in the hands of Greek banks. He declared that he is ready to negotiate in good faith, without blackmail or intimidating anyone, but however, without accepting himself any kind of blackmail and intimidation. “SYRIZA is not a threat, but an opportunity for the necessary change in the course of Europe,” he added.

At some point, a supporter of Greek football team, AEK, interrupted Mr. Tsipras speech with slogans for the stadium in New Philadelphia. Mr. Tsipras replied calmly by saying that all kind of reactions and slogans are also welcomed.