Tsipras reportedly tells Merkel, Hollande that no matter what Eurogroup decision …

….’Greek people will have oxygen next week and survive’ … He also appeared adamant that referendum (on what question) will proceed

Fresh from his late-night surprise (referendum) Greek PM Alexis Tsipras revealed hours later that he again spoke by phone with Angela Merkel and France’s Francoise Hollande, where he reportedly told the European duo that whatever decision “the Greek people will have oxygen next week as well and survive.”

He also reportedly told the French and German leaders that democracy is a supreme value in Greece and that a referendum will proceed no matter what decision is taken at Saturday Eurogroup.

On the “unofficial and name-less” sphere of Greek government briefings, circles claimed close to the PM’s office claimed that creditors issued an ultimatum on Thursday, while charging that their demands would not have been accepted by any Greek government.