Tsipras told EU leaders Brexit could be stopped by ignoring the will of the British public, Bloomberg reports

The article says Tsipras knows a thing or two about annulling referendum results, referring to the 2015 referendum in Greece

Using the derogatory title “Expert on Reversing Referendums Says Brexit Can Also Be Stopped” in reference to Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, Bloomberg claims Mr Tsipras floated the idea that Brexit could be reversed during the EU Summit meeting on Wednesday.

Brexit could yet be reversed, according to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who himself once acted counter to a referendum result.

Tsipras told fellow leaders at a crunch summit in Brussels on Wednesday that if the U.K. Parliament doesn’t approve the withdrawal agreement in the next six weeks, it will be forced to hold European elections.

“This will be the greatest defeat of Brexiteers, and maybe even the beginning of the end for Brexit,” Tsipras said, according to a transcript of his intervention shared by diplomats familiar with the matter. He then asked them to consider whether the EU should back this possibility.

Tsipras knows a thing or two about annulling referendum results. He called a popular vote on a deal Greece was offered by its European partners in 2015 and campaigned against it. He won the plebiscite only to reverse course and accept the deal at an all-night summit in Brussels.

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