Turkey violates Greek airspace 34 times, as Turkish delegation lands in Athens for CBM talks

Turkey continues to mock the process as its Air Force violates Greek airspace non-stop

A Turkish delegation arrived in Athens on Monday to hold talks with a Greek team in an effort to promote Confidence-Building Measures (CBM) between the two countries, as the Turkish Air Force violated Greek national airspace on 34 occasions over the Aegean Sea.

Talks are expected to conclude on February 21, while the Greek Ministry of National Defence said the dialogue concerns initiatives to implement Confidence Building Measures to aid in the de-escalation of tensions and minimise the risk of accidents between the two militaries.

Pundits believe the bilateral military dialogue is a mockery, as Turkey continues its unrelenting provocations against Greece, even as the two delegations met in Athens.

Today, four pairs of Turkish F-16s and one Turkish surveillance aircraft CN-235 entered the Athens FIR without submitting flight plans. Six violations of air traffic rules were recorded at the Athens FIR that resulted in 34 violations of the national airspace by Turkish fighters in various regions over the Aegean Sea.