Turkey violates Greek airspace 78 times, resulting in 8 F-16 dog fights over Aegean

Most planes were fighter jets

Turkey continued its provocations against Greece for the 3rd day in a row, as Turkish fighter jets violated Greek national airspace on 78 occasions on Thursday over the Aegean Sea.

A total of 20 Turkish aircraft (18 F-16s and two CN235 spy planes) flew over the northeast, central and south-eastern Aegean, with 13 of the aircraft being armed.

Of the 78 violations, 44 were carried out by Turkish fighters and the rest by the two spy planes. The Turkish planes also committed 12 infringements of the air traffic rules at the FIR Athens, while Turkish and Greek planes engaged in dog fights on eight occasions, after the Hellenic Air Force scrambled F-16s to intercept the aggressor planes.

The Hellenic National Defence General Staff said all Turkish planes were intercepted, in accordance with international standards.