Turkish F16s commit barrage of overflights above Greek isles in Aegean Sea

Turkey continued its provocations against Greece

Turkey continued its provocations against Greece, as the Turkish Air Force committed a barrage of violations and overflights above Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, at noon, Tuesday.

At approximately 13:44 a pair of Turkish F-16s flew over Agathonisi at an altitude of 26,000 feet, while two minutes later the same formation repeated the violation over the Lipsoi island at 26,000 feet.

The violations continued and at 13:49 the Turkish F-16s overcame the Bear at 25,000 feet and at 13:52 over Leros at 11,000 feet.

The four flyovers were committed within 8 minutes.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, Turkish F-16s carried out another six flyovers above Levitha, Panagia and Oinousses.

On three occasions, a pair of Turkish F-16s flew just 7,000 feet above the island of Panagia and Oinousses.

The first flight was carried out by a Turkish F-16 pair at 10:02 on Tuesday morning, which flew 20,000 feet above Levitha.

At 10:45 and 10:48 there were two further overflights by a pair of Turkish F-16s at 26,000 feet above Panagia and Oinousses.

Three more Turkish fighter jets followed within five minutes at 13:07, 13:10 and 13:12.