Turkish Defence Minister blasts Panos Kammenos in Turkish parliament

He attacked Greek politician over the latter’s recent visit to Agathonisi island

The Turkish Defence Minister, Fikri Isik unleashed a verbal attack against his Greek counterpart Panos Kammenos during a ceremony held at the Turkish national assembly on occasion of Turkey’s National Sovereignty Day. Commenting on Mr. Kammeno’s recent visit to a military unit on the island of Agathonisi in the south-eastern Aegean for Easter, the Turkish politician claimed his Greek counterpart was putting on a show for his “domestic audience”. “We will continue to work without becoming part of the Greek show, but in a way as to not jeopardise Turkey’s interests”, Turkey’s Defence Minister said. He went on to say that Mr. Kammenos was aware that “Turkey would not accept any fait accompli incident”. As the English version of Turkish daily “Hurriyet” reports tensions between the two countries have escalated since last year due to moves by military and political officials on both sides regarding disputed islands in the Aegean Sea. The number of Turkish citizens that have sought refuge in Greece following the failed coup attempt in Turkey on July 15, 2016 has reached 100, including 8 Turkish military officers granted political asylum by Greek courts. This has strained the already tense relations between the two countries.