Turkish hackers tweet pro-Erdogan propaganda to Donald Trump from ex-Fox news-hosts’ accounts!

Their feeds were filled with Turkish propaganda

The Twitter accounts of two former Fox News hosts were hacked on Tuesday, resulting in both of their feeds being filled with Turkish propaganda supporting the country’s controversial president.
The hackers tweeted and sent direct messages from the accounts of Eric Bolling and Greta Van Susteren. Bolling left Fox News last year and Van Susteren left Fox News in 2016, going to MSNBC for a few months in 2017. Both are among the exclusive group of 45 accounts that President Donald Trump follows on Twitter.
During the breach, hackers shared a screenshot of what appeared to be Bolling’s direct messages. They also sent messages to Trump from Van Susteren’s account.
Both accounts were restored within several hours, but not before Twitter users and journalists saved the tweets.

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