Turkish MoD Akar threatens Greece and Cyprus again

He said Turkey would respond if it deemed its national interests were being violated in the seas

The Turkish Minister of Defence, Hulusi Akar launched a series of new threats against Greece and Cyprus saying his country would respond to any actions in the sea it deemed were against its national interests.
“Turkey will respond to any action in the seas,” the Turkish defense minister said, according to philenews.com.

Speaking at a military event, the Turkish Minister once again made reference to the so-called “blue homeland”, warning neighbouring countries to avoid provocations, otherwise, Turkey would retaliate.
“No one should test our resolve in defending our rights emanating from international and bilateral agreements and history. On this issue, we are absolutely determined, we have shown our determination and no one should doubt that we will not – in spite of our goodwill – do whatever it takes to protect our rights and justice or that we will not respond.”