Two separate bombing incidents in Athens

One molotov cocktail thrown in a bus and a bombing device outside a bank in Halandri were two incidents that took place early on Wednesday morning

The general climate of unrest in Greece was marked by two separate incidents were noted early on Wednesday morning.

Bus torched on Patission Street

Patission Street in downtown Athens was closed down after a Molotov cocktail was thrown inside a bus as it was traveling outside the Polytechnic University of Athens at 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning. The bus driver and around twenty passengers were urged to get off the bus before the bomb was thrown inside.

The group that attacked the bus threw rocks at the police in the region.

The roads around the area were closed down from Aiolou Street to Kodriktonos and Alexandras Avenue for two hours and opened up shortly after 8 a.m.


Bomb outside Eurobank in Halandri

A phone call made to news site at 5.30 a.m. for a bomb outside Eurobank on the corner of Konstandinou Paleologou and Agias Paraskevis streets at Halandri. The caller said that the device was placed there in support of jailed Nikos Romanos, who is on the 30th day of his hunger strike pushing for the granting of his education furlough. The police have cleared the area, closing down Papanikoli and Agias Paraskevis streets.

The unknown caller gave the bomb a 40-minute time frame. The area was cordoned off and the police defused the bomb in a controlled explosion.