Unexploded bomb found at prosecutor’s doorstep!

Bomb-squad is on the site


An explosive bomb has was found outside the house of Deputy Prosecutor Isydorou Doyakos in Vyronas, Athens on Tuesday morning.

The perpetrators warned of the explosive device when they called the offices of a newspaper shortly before 4 pm.

The unknown person who made the phone call said that an explosive device was placed on Adramythou Street in Vyronas, that it would go off in 20 minutes and that it is not a hoax.

Immediately the police bomb-squad arrived, which after investigating the area identified an explosive mechanism in a casserole.

The site has been secured while the bomb-squad is trying to disassemble the device completely without proceeding to a controlled explosion, in order to allow them to gather data that could lead them to the perpetrators by keeping the mechanism intact.

According to the initial assessment, the mechanism probably did not explode from a problem in the wiring.