Varoufakis: I will not vote a recessionary deal

Troika set up a feudal state in Greece

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis varoufakis said he would not back a deal that would exacerbate recession in the Greek economy, in an interview to Greek radio station ‘Sto Kokkino’ (In the Red) Friday. Varoufakis stressed that he opposed recessionary measures for six years and would not start supporting them now responding to a question about whether he would support a deal brought in parliament by the Greek government. He did add, however, that he would wait and see the final document of the deal before deciding what to do. Varoufakis was categorical about the fact that the debt is unsustainable, while he also commented on his infamous ‘Plan B’ saying the government’s efforts were constantly undermined. he unleashed an attack against the Troika stressing that they had established a feudal state within the Greek government.