Watch “Alexander the Great” sign at FYROM airport being pulled down (video)

Move is part of agreement between Tsipras and Zaev in the framework of talks on name dispute

After the change of the sign names signs from “Alexander the Great” to “Friendship” on the A1 motorway in Skopje, which linked Greece, FYROM, and Serbia, authorities in Skopje started replacing the marquee of the “Alexander the Great” terminal at the international airport of Skopje.
The work is being carried out TAV, a company of Turkish interests, which manages the main and largest airport in Skopje.
The changes are taking place as part of the ongoing negotiations between Greece’s PM Alexis Tsipras and his counterpart Zoran Zaev. The two had made relevant announcements after their meeting in Davos last week. The new name of the airport, which will also be visible in the main marquee will be “Skopje International Airport”.