Greek PM Mitsotakis addresses party PMs on first 100 days of governance (video)

The PM outlined his government’s next goals

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis presented his government’s results after 100 days in power to his party PMs in a speech on Wednesday afternoon in Athens.

The PM made reference to the government’s legislative initiatives such as the abolition of asylum and the promotion of the executive branch, the reductions in the special property tax (ENFIA) implemented and the reduction of taxation coming in 2020. He spoke of the start of 112 fire alert number and its effectiveness in fighting fires, while he outlined the planned legislative actions to be completed by Christmas, including the new insurance and tax bills, and clarified that he would reject SYRIZA’s proposal for the votes of expatriates.

Mr Mitsotakis also cautioned party members to avoid complacency by believing that all problems had been dealt with saying it was only “a good start”.

The PM also made specific reference to the new 10-year bond issue, the issue of government bonds with a negative interest rate, as well as the fact that those eligible for heating allowances would receive it in advance this year.

He also promised that by the end of the year the problem of the red loans would be addressed, while he said the government solved the issue of lawlessness and criminality in Universities.