Watch Muslim Imam perform exorcism to woman in Burqa! (video)

Thousands carried out every year in Britain

A British Ιmam has opened his doors to cameras to show what happens during an Islamic exorcism. He allowed himself to be filmed performing a ‘ruqyah’ ritual on an unmarried woman at a mosque in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, to dispel myths about the practice.
The ceremony was one of thousands carried out every year in the UK where imams rid men and women of evil spirits or ‘jinni’ which they believe live inside them. In the video a young Muslim woman dressed in a burqa and with her face covered is seeking help to rid her of spirits which she believes are caused by black magic. The 29-year-old woman sought help claiming the curse was causing her a range of medical problems which she said conventional doctors could not cure. She said her symptoms included vomiting, pain in the womb, insomnia, headaches, and back-pain, and poor memory.
She also said she was easily angered and would scream for no reason. In the video the woman dressed in a burqa can be seen rocking backwards and forwards as Imam Ayoub Tayeb chants verses from the Quran to banish the demonic entity
She can be heard panting and retching as the imam at the Masjid Mohammed mosque shouts deafeningly into a microphone at the jinni. He can be heard repeating ‘can you find God, can you find him?’ As Imam Ayoub shouts verses more aggressively at the jinni the woman, from Bradford, is seen fleeing to the other side of the couch – seeking to escape. She then screams out uncontrollably while thrashing around on a couch before picking up a nearby table.