What are the national slogans for countries (infographics)

Greece’s is “Freedon or Death”

“Freedom or Death” is considered as the national motto for Greeks, from the time the people rose up to free themselves from the Ottoman yoke of oppression in 1821. The National Translation Company created an infographic revealing some of the most interesting national slogans spanning from the old empires to some of the “youngest” nations in the world. Indonesia’s motto is ‘unity in diversity’, while the French national motto is: ‘Liberty, equality, fraternity’ – both statements of peace.
Chile’s, however, is ‘through reason or by force’, while Austria certainly isn’t holding back with its rallying cry: ‘It’s Austria’s destiny to rule the world.’ India and the Czech Republic share virtually the same motto, ‘truth alone triumphs’ and ‘truth prevails’ respectively.
Other countries featured on the infographic, created by The Translation Company, include Greece, Scotland and Canada.

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