Which Greek island is hiding the “Ghosts on the Aegean”? (VIDEO+PHOTOS)

A tiny island with too much history

Italian, Germans, English and, of course, Greeks, a total of 100.000 people passed from the town of “Portolago”, leaving their mark on an island of just 8.000 people…
The island was practically built from the ground up on uniquely original blueprints, only to be destroyed during the WWII.

As if that was not enough, the island was chosen to house communist exiles, mental patience as well as orphans and now refugees and illegal immigrants…
There is probably no other island of the Aegean that has been through what Leros has endured.
This is the story the documentary “Leros – Ghosts on the Aegean” tells us. The director Ioanna Asmeniadou-Foka will present it in the 19th Thessaloniki Film Festival.


The documentary brings us information and unique stories for this little dot on the Aegean Sea. It tells us how the Italians decided to build a Naval Base for 30.000 people, the story of the port of Leros -one of the best protected natural ports in the Mediterranean- that the Italians rebuilt it according to the Italian rationalism architectural style etc.





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