Zombies to descend on Athens (photos)

Event running for 3rd year in a row

If by any chance you find yourselves in downtown Athens on Saturday and come across a hoard of zombies roaming around, don’t be afraid it’s not “The living dead” come to life. Greece is celebrating Apokries, which is a religious festival similar to Halloween which takes place in February before Lent in the Greek Orthodox Church. In the spirit of dress-up and scary costumes, the march of the zombies will take place at 6pm on February 25 at Syntagma Square opposite the Greek parliament (purely a coincidence…), a multitude of people will be part of the “Zombie Athens Walk” dressed up as characters from 1980s and 90s TV series and movies. The zombie walk in Athens adopted the idea first started in 2001 in the US in 2013 and has since been holding the fun event each year. Adults, families and children will be part of the zombie “procession” which is scheduled to walk down Ermou st. and move into the Monastiraki and Thiseio districts. This year’s walk focuses on 80s and 90s movie themes with the ghouls, monsters and ghosts from movies and TV series such as The Goonies, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Close Encounters, Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, Aliens, Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist, The Evil Dead, The Thing.