73% Greeks do not comply with highway code laws, Eurobarometer survey shows

More than 7 in 10 European drivers do not follow the rules

73% of Greek drivers did not comply with the highway code laws, according to the results of the 8th European Road Safety Barometer.

The survey, conducted by the Ipsos Institute on 12,400 people from 11 European countries, records representative behaviours of European motorists.

More than 7 in 10 European drivers (75%) admitted that they did not follow the highway code, compared to 73% of Greek drivers.
45% of Europeans (43% of Greeks) who follow the rules of hygiene, do it primarily out of interest for fellow human beings, in contrast to those who comply with the highway code rules, whose percentage is only 33% (39%). 77% of European drivers (78% of Greek drivers) who do not comply with the traffic code rules, follow the same tactics in terms of the rules of hygiene.

53% of European drivers used their mobile phones while driving using the Bluetooth system (+3 points in one year +10 in 5 years. 57% of Greek drivers, ie 5 fewer points in one year and +8 points in 5 years), although this system is as distracting as other means of conversation,
43% adjust the GPS while driving (ie +4 units in 5 years, 45%, -2 units in one year but 10 more units in 5 years). 11% suffered or almost had an accident due to the use of a telephone while driving (16%, the highest percentage in Europe).

12% of European drivers (-4 points in a year, 10% of Greek drivers) admit that their behaviour changes when driving,
52% (-3, 65%, -5) admit that they insult other drivers, while 84% (91%, +4) have feared the aggressive behaviour of another driver.

-88% of European drivers exceed the speed limit by a few kilometres/hour (86% of Greek drivers),
-62% pass while the signal is in orange or has just turned red (67%),
-51% (-2) forget to use the flash to overtake or change direction (42%, -7),
-43% do not stop normally at the stop sign (37%),
-28% double park (45%),
-8% admit to driving in excess of alcohol, but without feeling the effects (16% – record rate despite a 4 point drop in one year),
-7% say they drive after taking drugs that can reduce their attention (9%, +2),