Acropolis Museum celebrates 11 years with lower ticket prices and night walks

A series of events have been planned (Greek and English)

Saturday, June 20 marks the 11th anniversary since the Acropolis Museum in Athens opened its doors to visitors. The occasion will be celebrated with a series of events. Entrance tickets will be reduced throughout the day and their price will be just 5 euros, while the periodical exhibition “Smile and Memory. The contribution of marble to the restoration of the monuments of the Acropolis” will continue until September 30, 2020, with free admission. The restaurant on the second floor will remain open on Saturday, June 20 until midnight (reservations for dinner are made by phone at (2109000915).

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Archaeologists-curators will begin the weekly thematic presentations by the begin. Visitors will be provided with sterilised personal audio devices (whispers), which the Museum offers free of charge to the participants. A prerequisite is the use of a protective mask, which visitors should make sure to have with them, as they are not available from the Museum. The presentation are the following:

“The lost statue of Athena Parthenos”
The digital revival of the statue of Athena Parthenos is also expected to be impressive. Athena Parthenos is a lost massive chryselephantine sculpture of the Greek goddess Athena, made by Phidias and his assistants and housed in the Parthenon in Athens.

“A walk to the Museum with the archaeologist”
Visitors will have the opportunity to take part in evening walks in the halls of the Museum with unpredictable stops and varied discussions with an archaeologist.
Greek: Every Friday at 20:00
English: Every Friday at 18:00
Duration: 60 minutes
Participation: Up to 10 visitors per presentation. Registrations are made on the same day at the Information Office. Tickets given on a first come, first served basis.
Participation fee: Necessary condition for participation is the issuance of the general admission ticket 10 euros.

“Walking in the ancient neighbourhood of the Acropolis Museum”
Visitors will have the opportunity to tour the archeological excavation that stretches to the base of the Museum. They will walk the streets of the ancient neighbourhood, see up close the houses with courtyards and wells, enter the heart of the impressive mansions with private baths, explore the workshops with the water tanks, and take a magical journey through time and in the daily life of the people who lived in the shadow of the Acropolis rock for more than 4,500 years.
Greek: Every Saturday and Sunday at 13:00
English: Every Saturday and Sunday at 11:00
Duration: 45 minutes


This week‘s new events