Ashes of Star Trek “Scotty” actor James Doohan smuggled aboard the ISS: “He always wanted to go to space”

Laminated photograph containing actor’s ashes was hidden behind cladding of the Columbus module

The ashes of Star Trek actor James Doohan were allegedly smuggled aboard the International Space Station by video game developer and entrepreneur Richard Garriott.

Doohan famously portrayed Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, the engineer of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise.

The Canadian actor died in 2005 aged 85, however, still managed to make it to space in the years since.

According to Deadline, Garriott was one of the first private citizens to visit the International Space Station (ISS) in 2008 during a 12-day self-funded mission as a private astronaut.

In a new interview, Garriott told The Sunday Times of how he was contacted by the actor’s son Chris Doohan, who said it was his father’s wish to make it to the ISS.

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Garriott agreed to the proposition and received Doohan’s ashes, however, due to time constraints, was forced to bypass the official process necessary to bring objects aboard the station.

In what he says was a “completely clandestine” mission, Garriott smuggled several laminated photos of Doohan – which contained some of his ashes – onboard the ISS. He proceeded to secretly hide one of the cards behind the cladding in the floor of the station’s Columbus module.

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