Athens: Maintenance works are in progress in the Temple of Olympian Zeus

In December 2023 the column that faces the most problems of the temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens will be completed

The column has been in a construction armature for days, as the other nine, who face fewer problems but also need immediate intervention. The restoration of these, along with the capitals and their entablatures of course should have proceeded by the same date, which marks the end of this programming period, as the project had been included in the Regional Operational Program since 2018.

However, the disembarkation of the entablatures and the clearer diagnosis of their condition will judge the course of the restoration work in the next programming period, as Greek Minister of Culture said, who carried out an autopsy on the monument.

“This is one of the largest architecture monuments, whose history goes back to the time of Peisistratos in the 6th century BC. to reach the years of Hadrian, the Roman emperor of the 2nd century AD. It is one of the largest monuments in the Mediterranean area, which presents serious problems”, says Mrs. Mendoni. It should also be noted that these are important large-scale maintenance projects, carried out for the first time at the monument, which has been diagnosed with chronic problems of structural stability and deterioration of the wear of its material.

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The project includes structural restoration work, maintenance work, limited excavation cleansings and earthworks, geotechnical study, seismic behavior study, monitoring study, recording of scattered architectural members, as well as control of mechanical strengths and analyzation of building materials. As part of the same program, archaeological research is being carried out in the area in front of the western precinct of the ancient sanctuary.

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