Biden will be the first president to use the new Air Force One & here’s what we know about the $5.3 billion aircraft

Despite cost-saving efforts by President Donald Trump, the replacement program is still tremendous

The most recognizable plane in the world is getting an upgrade, but it won’t be ready for a few years.

While Air Force One is just a callsign for any Air Force carrying the US president, the term is often used to refer to the pair of iconic blue and white Boeing 747s with “United States of America” emblazoned on the side. From Hollywood to cable news, the current aircraft known as Air Force One have been made famous through frequent appearances when accompanying presidents on most of their trips.

The current modified Boeing 747s that fly the commander-in-chief – known in the Air Force as VC-25As – are on their way out after serving only five presidents for nearly three decades. It’s time for the flying White House to enter the new jet age with a next-generation aircraft to fly the president, the Boeing 747-8i, in the same way passenger airlines are retiring their older Boeing 747s.

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Designated as the VC-25B, the new jet is larger and more efficient than its predecessor. But bigger, in this case, doesn’t necessarily mean better as the new Air Force One will actually be lacking some key features compared to its predecessor, despite the sky-high price tag.

Here’s what we know about the highly-confidential program to replace the current Air Force One.

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