Big fire in Achaia: Houses burned in Ziria – The highway is closed, Greece cut in two (videos-photos)

A camping with 110 children has been evacuated

“The fire passed through the village, absolute destruction, we were destroyed, the village was completely destroyed. A village of a thousand inhabitants, we are talking about Ziria, the fire went through it. The fire got out of control for just a few seconds and burned the village. Unfortunately there was a very slow reaction. After a long time two helicopters came, nothing worked. Here, where I am, houses are burning, panic, properties, the whole village”, stresses speaking to the president of the Municipal Council of Egialia, George Dinos.

“I have entered the village and I am trying to see what can be saved… Fortunately we evacuated the village on time, I have not heard of injuries or anything other than destruction of houses and property”, he also points out.

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Ziria, Kamares, Lampiri are evacuated. The evacuation of Loggos and a hotel in the same area is in progress.

An operation was also set up to remove bathers who were on the beach and at a beach bar in the area in order to be evacuated safely.

A camping with 110 children has also been evacuated.