Blue Origin – William Shatner: The moment “Captain Kirk” is speechless in space (video)

At 90, Shatner became the oldest man to reach “where no man has gone before”

A video shows the moment when William Shatner, the actor who for decades played the role of “Captain Kirk” in the Star Trek series and the movies that followed, loses his words facing the view from the New Shepard spacecraft of the company Blue Origin.

In his 90s, Shatner became the oldest man in space.

The New Shepard automated spacecraft was launched about 10 minutes before 6pm on Wednesday from a rural area in western Texas and crossed the Carman Line, which, at a height of 100 kilometers from Earth, is the where space begins.

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In addition to Shatner, there were three other people on board: two businessmen who paid for the trip and a company executive.

The sub-orbital flight lasted just 11 minutes and the spacecraft returned safely to Earth with the help of three parachutes.

In the video from inside the spaceship we see the four passengers of the New Shepard “floating” inside the capsule enjoying zero gravity and being amazed with the unimaginable view from New Shepard.

Especially the 90-year-old Shatner really looks like a kid as he admires the unique spectacle, stuck on the window of the capsule and uttering just “wow”.