Bones of 20 fallen Greek soldiers at WW2 Albanian front laid to rest

They were buried at the Military Cemetary in Kleissoura

The remains of 20 Greek soldiers that fell in WW2 were buried at the Kleissoura Premeti Military Cemetary.

In a simple, emotionally-charged religious ceremony the bones of the fallen fighters were laid to rest after 79 years.

Metropolitan of Argyrokastro Dimitrios led the religious burial, while also in attendance were Greek Ambassador to Tirana Mr. Sofia Filippidou, General Konstantinos Agos, the co-chair of the Greek-Albanian Joint Committee of Experts on Detection and Exhumation of the fallen soldiers in WW2, Commodore Milos Dimitrios and Lieutenant commander Skouresides Dimitrios, as well Greek and Albanian members of the Joint Committee.

After the memorial service, the bones of the fallen Greeks covered in the national flag were placed in separate cenotaphs to rest peacefully after 79 years. In their honour, wreaths were laid on the pedestal of the giant cross adorning the Greek military cemetery at Kleissoura.